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Project Portfolio 2019, is a FREE online event designed to help us turn our creative dreams into a reality.
• Project Portfolio: Part One — Preparation, will run from 18-24 March, then six months later
• Project Portfolio: Part Two — Pitch, will run from 2-8 September


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Hi there! My name is Nina Rycroft. I am a children’s picture book illustrator and online teacher and I’ll be your host for Portfolio Project.

I’ve spent the last few months bringing together people from our creative communities to take part in a series of video-interviews, mini-workshops and case-studies, to inspire us to work on our portfolios so that we can kick-start, continue or build a living doing what we love!

As creatives, our portfolio is the way we share our skills and our style to potential clients. It’s how we find work… and income.

These days the possibilities for a portfolio are endless. As well as the traditional book-style portfolio, we now have numerous online opportunities with multiple platforms and social media opportunities. But trying to figure out where to begin and what would work best for our own personal needs can be difficult and confusing.

Project Portfolio is not just about showcasing beautiful art, which you’ll definitely see, but you’ll also meet the people behind the scenes, as they offer you their insights and experience around the topic of portfolio.

From a wide variety of backgrounds and experience, you’ll not only meet experts and people who’ve made it but more importantly, you’ll be hearing from artists, writers, illustrators and designers who are currently in the trenches, doing the work.

Whether you’re starting out, working on or reworking your portfolio, use this FREE online event to connect with others who are also working on their portfolios … and to kick-start your creative dream!

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I look forward to seeing you in the Facebook group!

Nina 🙂

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