Project Portfolio: Day Three

Zoë Collins

Zoë Collins is an illustrator and graphic designer who has a penchant for books of all descriptions. Working with key clients, Zoë’s strengths lie in quirky and witty illustration, branding, and communication strategy — with an emphasis on delivering originality and a strong visual presence. Zoë has a Bachelor of Arts, and a Diploma in Visual Communication. She has taught typography, design and illustration at various tertiary institutions and has been a professional mentor for aspiring graphic designers. Zoë has a blog called ‘Hoodlum Friends’ which she writes and illustrates as frequently as she can.
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Session One: workshop
The Ridiculous Selfie: Uncovering your unique persona

In this workshop session, Zoë will walk you through her creative thinking strategy to help you define your unique persona. This hands-on session is designed to tease out who you really are so you can have a better idea of how to present yourself authentically to your audience. Join Zoë in the Ridiculous Selfie branding exercise that will challenge your perception of who you are, as an illustrator – and a human being.

Materials: There are no limits to this! I love a bit of collage, to take the pressure off my drawing skills, so go hunting for body parts and accessories (not necessarily human). So, we’re looking for: feet, legs, arms, torsos, eyes, hair, mouth, nose, ears, necks, hats, shoes, socks, any particular colours of patterns that appeal. Plus, whatever you feel comfortable sketching quickly with. I use a black sharpie marker. Sometimes I also use lead pencil, coloured pencils, coloured markers, crayons. Anything that takes my fancy, or anything within reach!

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And you are? Top 5 tips to clarify your professional identity.

Yvonne Mes

Yvonne Mes is a children’s author and illustrator from Brisbane. Her hands are always covered in ink or paint, but she does try to keep her keyboard clean when she writes!

Her picture book, Meet Sidney Nolan, (illustrated by Sandra Eterovic) was published in 2015 with Penguin Random House Australia and her picture book Oliver’s Grumbles (illustrated by Giuseppe Poli) was re-released with Yellow Brick Books in 2017. Her first picture book as an illustrator will be published later this year with Yellow Brick Books. Several of her short stories are published in The School Magazine and her story A Starry Christmas was animated and displayed on Brisbane City Hall for two weeks over Christmas in 2017.

Yvonne is most in her element when writing, illustrating and making up and acting out stories with children during school visits and other workshops. Yvonne coordinates Write Links, Brisbane’s children’s writers and illustrators group. Yvonne is represented by Mayfair Literary Agency.
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Session Two: workshop
Passion Project vs Portfolio Project

Yvonne will cover the necessity of following your passion in order to feed your commercial projects such as your portfolio and ultimately bring them closer together. The session will look at creativity, the latest in neuroscience on creativity, research and development and how these apply to your portfolio.

Materials: pen and paper

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