Project Portfolio: Day Six

Wen Sylvestre

Wen Sylvestre is an illustrator from a country town surrounded by cows and sheep in The Netherlands. Drawing was her childhood passion however she also grew up with a love for geology, history, art and for exploring ethnic cultures. Classical music was very prominent in her early years. She learned how to play five different baroque recorders, from soprano to bass. Wen works in both traditional and digital media and loves exploring different art supplies, having re-discovered her passion for drawing and painting through her exploration of embroidery, textile art, bookbinding and mixed media. Wen has recently immersed herself in the world of illustration and is currently working on her portfolio.
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Session One:
How to find your own art voice and style

In this session, Wen will offer inspiration and tips on how to create from within rather than from outside influences, discussing why it’s so important to know who you are and why we all need to focus on our OWN work.

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Katrina Koltes

Katrina Koltes originally of German nationality, but born in South East Asia, comes from a childhood of travelling, discovering and exploring new places. She loves to create beautiful worlds of magic and mystery, and bring hope and beauty through her art. Katrina now lives in Italy with her two small boys and Italian husband.

Inspired by her love for nature and of telling stories through her art, Katrina is now a full-time artist, (online and in-person) teacher and mother, painting daily with acrylic, watercolors and pastel. It is her wish to inspire others to find their own creative voice through art.
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Session Two:
Part-time to Full-time Artist

In this session, by sharing her transition from part-time to a full-time artist, Katrina hopes to inspire others to do the same.   

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