Project Portfolio: Day One

Karen Abend

Karen Abend is an artist living on the island of Sicily. She loves to draw, paint, collage, design and illustrate. One of her greatest joys is immersing herself in the creative process and channelling that energy in service of a collaborative project. Currently that looks like designing greeting cards, illustrating a book, and organising and hosting the online workshop, Sketchbook Revival – an exploration of daily creativity in community.

Since the Sketchbook Revival Online Workshop, Karen has been cultivating her passion for daily creativity and is thrilled to be able to share this passion with a vibrant online community of fellow creatives. Through the Sketchbook Revival, Karen discovered how deeply rewarding it is to be able to offer support to others in developing their own creative practices.
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Session One: mini-workshop
The Heart of Sketchbook Revival

In this workshop session, Karen will talk about the profound discoveries she made following her Sketchbook Revival Online Workshop. Taking inspiration from the 100 daily heart drawings that helped kick-start her daily art practice, Karen will walk us through the process of setting an intention, sketching, designing and then illustrating a simple but effective heartfelt intention for what you’d like to achieve in Project Portfolio.

Materials: Markers, pencils, paints … or whatever you have on hand.

Plan Your Practice Toolkit: video and planning worksheet and 30-day tracking calendar

Penelope Pratley

Session Two: Show & Tell
Perfectly Imperfect

Penelope Pratley is an emerging illustrator, writer and educator living in NSW, Australia, with her first picture book ‘The Art Garden’, written by Penny Harrison, published in 2018. Using watercolour, ink, pencil and mixed media, Penelope always had a BIG dream to write and illustrate quality books to inspire children to read. With an aim to grow hearts, Penelope is currently illustrating two picture books due to be published in 2019 and 2020.
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In this session, Penelope will talk about her portfolio from last year compared to this year’s portfolio and how they differ.

for your Penelope Pratley PDF Printable Illustration