Project Portfolio: Day Four

Michelle Worthington

Michelle Worthington is a full-time writer based in Brisbane. She credits her three sons for giving her an endless source of inspiration for her writing, as well as her wrinkles.

Her picture book, Yellow Dress Day, was featured on ABC Kids Play School, which was a highlight in her career, as like most Aussie kids, she grew up watching the programme.

As Founder of Share Your Story Australia, she loves coaching aspiring authors and illustrators achieve their dreams of publication.
Share Your Story website : Share Your Story Facebook Group

Session One:
Creating a Sustainable Creative Business

Michelle Worthington will discuss her journey to becoming a full-time creative, including best tips, traps to avoid and best practice to create a sustainable career in the arts industry. No question is off limits as Michelle aims to debunk the myths around making money, asking for money and knowing how much to charge. This session will cover all aspects of being a creative looking to make a living doing what they love.

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Nic Squirrell

Nic Squirrell is an artist and illustrator based in a small village in the south east of England. After driving her parents crazy by painting on every available surface, she grew up and took the long way round to doing what she loves best. With a head full of ideas, imaginary places and quirky creatures waiting to get out, if anything stays still long enough, Nic will draw on it.
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Session Two:
Print on Demand for Artists and Illustrators

There are many ways to make money with your art, and it is a good idea to have a variety of income streams. Nic has been selling art via Print on Demand sites for over ten years and it provides her with a good regular passive income. You do the work at the beginning when you make the art and upload it, and then you continue to earn from it over a long period of time with minimal extra input. Whether you are an established illustrator or just starting out, Print on Demand is a great way of monetising your existing or new art and illustrations, of smoothing out the feast or famine nature of freelance work, and of earning money while you sleep! In this session Nic will share her experience and her tips for success.

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Print on Demand for Artists: Earn While You Sleep
Print On Demand for Artists: Painting to Pattern to Product, The Complete Process

Aurore McLeod

Aurore McLeod is a French illustrator living in Tasmania, Australia, with her 8-year-old daughter and husband. Her illustrative world is made of magic and nature, with quirky animals, imaginary creatures, and more recently, little witches. Aurore mostly works in watercolour and uses ink and coloured pencil to highlight and add details. She sells her work as originals or prints through private commission, wholesale orders and her Etsy shop.
Website :Instagram : Facebook

Session Three:
Create a Portfolio that Sells

Aurore will share her experience getting her first printed portfolio ready to showcase at a picture book conference, offering tips that she learnt along the way. She will then talk about the transition she made in selling illustrations online.

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