About Project Portfolio

Hi there! And welcome to the Project Portfolio! My name is Nina Rycroft, and I’ll be your host for this event [more about Nina].

For those of you who don’t know me, I’ve been illustrating picture books since 2000 [to view my books]. As well as illustrating picture books, I teach an annual 8-week [Picture Book Illustration e-Course] once a year. I also teach a series of shorter character development and illustration classes on Skillshare [to view my Skillshare classes]. Though my teaching, I’ve had the opportunity to meet some incredibly talented artists and illustrators. I’m always excited to share my skills and to help fast-track anyone on their illustration journey.

Through my teaching, I am always asked to teach a class on how to put together a portfolio. But really … there is so much more to a portfolio these days than the traditional style portfolio book. But rather than have me teach a class on portfolio, I thought it would be far more interesting to pool together the collective wisdom from our creative communities. We all have so much to offer each other … and by sharing our personal stories and insights we’ll be able to help each other kick-start, re-think, re-work, work on our portfolios, so that ultimately, we can get our work in front of clients and find work doing what we love!

My goals for Project Portfolio is to …

  1. bring together the ‘collective wisdom’ from our creative communities. I feel ever so grateful to have come across so much talent on my illustration and teaching journey. So much so, that I felt the need to hand over the reins for this one!

2. offer an ongoing community for participants to continue working/sharing their portfolios. Now for me, this is important. Whether you are just starting out or diving right back in, there will be something here for you. Sharing our collective knowledge is only going to fast track our individual journeys. So buckle up and stay with us on this sometimes bumpy ride!

3. Empower and enable creatives to establish a sustainable way of doing what they love! … This is a big one your guys! Being an artist does not mean that you need to be poor and starving! The very nature of creativity is expansion and abundance … so, let’s get our portfolios up-to-speed and let’s get to work!

Project Portfolio is a week-long programme showcasing a line-up of illustrators, artists, writers, and industry experts all sharing their personal nuggets of wisdom, insights and inspiration so that you can get your portfolio ‘client’ ready. Because at the end of the day, our portfolio the thing that we us to find work.

Sign-up to the Project Portfolio
Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be invited to join the Project Portfolio community page. This is where I’ll be posting the latest videos and links, and it’s also a place where we can share our tasks from the videos, and connect with like-minded people.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Nina 🙂